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Tiny Lightning-Powered Speaker Can Make Phone Calls Easier

Ever been stuck on a group call and unable to hear everyone while you’re trying to make plans for a crazy Saturday night?

Alternatively, have you ever tried getting on a group call for a job interview and not being able to hear everyone? It’s a nightmare. An actual nightmare.

Although technology has made socialising and work easier to manage than it used to be (ugh, remember group texts?), there’s still a question of whether or not everyone can be heard. No point in suggesting that place with the cheap drinks before 10pm if no one can hear you suggest it.

However, tech company Pioneer wants to fix all of that. It has a Lightning-powered iPhone speaker called Rayz Rally that is being marketed as an audio accessory for music, calls and video playback. It also doesn’t require batteries as it draws power from its host device. Unfortunately, it is only for Apple products. Sorry, Android users!

tiny speaker
The makers of this speaker probably. Source.

The speaker amplifies audio calls from your iPhone loud enough that it can cast your voice throughout the entire room. The room wide volume comes from Averna Corporation’s pending analog audio technology. Rayz Rally features a Smart Button in the centre for playing, pausing and muting audio or calls. This pocket-sized speaker’s Lightning cable allows you to also connect it to your Mac, PC (see, it’s not Apple exclusive!) and iPad to help you hear everyone’s individual voice. How good is that?

The speaker is also smart as hell. It knows what you’re using it for; it’s able to differentiate between when you’re blasting tunes while you’re getting ready or trying to organise pre-drinks at that bar that your mate kind of knows but not really. It automatically optimises performance for the best listening experience.

If you’re interested, it’s $150 AUD at Apple stores and on apple.com.