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Star Struck: Virgo season is crap, but here are 5 ways to thrive 

Have you noticed the state of the world growing progressively gloomier? Everybody is deeply anxious and can scarcely communicate; misery is the new self-care? That’s right, it’s that time of the year: later this week, we move into Virgo season. 


Look, I’m exaggerating slightly. Not everything about Virgos, and Virgo season, is bad. Certainly in a world characterised by a constant tension between two world leaders with significant power complexes (and nuclear weaponry to back them up), as well as a climate that we’re happily destroying, moving into Virgo season is comparatively a less deadly phenomenon. But still. 


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In 2019, Virgo season will mark the time passing approximately between 23 August and 23 September, when we’ll be saved by the grace of Libra (not). As we transition from Leo, a fire sign, to Virgo, an earth sign, we move from a state of warm pride and confidence to a quieter, more grounded state of being. It’s a solid time for stepping back and reorganising things.


Virgo is known as the sign of the virgin, but this symbolism is highly misinterpreted. Before it had the contemporary sexual connotations it has today, the word ‘virgin’ basically referred to the state of “being whole in oneself”. Thus, Virgo season is celebrated as a time to foster our independence, inner strength, and mindfulness. Before you start feeling vain, Virgo, there are strong downsides to this personality dynamic. Virgos aren’t generally super in touch with their emotions (read: they’re total ice queens), and can be cold, self-centred and are GARBAGE communicators (definitely not talking about my ex here), but there are some benefits of being in Virgo season, nonetheless. 


Here are five ways you can thrive this Virgo season: 


Get active


If you’re someone who gets caught up in the likes of New Years’ resolutions, Virgo season is a time to reboot your goals. The Virgo energy harnesses inner strength and resilience; pushing through pain and discomfort can lead to results. It’s the perfect time to sign up for a gym membership or get more active and participate in outdoor activities as winter draws to an end. 


It’s project time


Whether you’re looking to start or finish some sort of creative project, now is the time to put your head down and work. The Virgo sun offers an increase in work ethic, organisation and attention to detail that will see you through. Virgos tend to be crafty, resourceful as befits an earth sign, are good with their hands, and are robust enough to pull together even the most ludicrous DIY projects. Tap into this energy and start pressing flowers or writing a bullet journal – whatever tickles your fancy. 


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The digestive system tends to give Virgo natives some grief. Honour your body this Virgo season by feeding on organic, healthy foods. It’s a good time for a cleanse to rid the body of any toxins that have built up, so try a juice cleanse or some fasting. 




Virgo natives are renowned for their organisation skills – so what better time than Virgo season to clear out your closet? Stop reading this and go pair your fucking socks. Marie Kondo wants you to. 


Marie Kondo cleaning up declutter


Be Humble


Leo season taught us to be loud and proud about our achievements, but Virgo encourages us to reign it back in and sit on our successes quietly – probably because Virgos are such shitty people, they have no achievements to brag about anyway. They’re also super judgemental about others’ achievements – so if you don’t want to be totally humble, at least put it on around your Virgo pals, or be scorched.  


Virgo season is a great time of year to reboot, physically and emotionally. Stop procrastinating online, drink some fresh juice, clean your apartment and start your projects. Because as much as I’ve roasted the incoming Virgo season, Libra season is going to be twenty times worse, and so it’s vital to hold onto the minimal quality of life Virgo season allows before it’s squashed out of you by Libra in late September. 


Until then 😉