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Star Struck: everything you need to know about Libra season 

Libra (the zodiac sign, not the tampons) is widely recognised as a harmonious sign. Unlike the shackles of the Virgo season we’ve just broken out of, which had our shoulders bursting under the weight of the world and beyond, with more tasks than we could fit on our to-do lists, Libra season (23rd September-22nd October) is a slower time of balance, understanding and empathy.


Librans are the peacemakers of the zodiac, which means at this time of year, relationships get breezy (yes, it’s time to jump back on Bumble) – and not just the romantic kind. It’s one of the most social times of year, so grab you best gal pal and a cheese platter for a Drew Barrymore marathon – but maybe organise the film line-up in advance, because Libra season is notorious for encouraging indecision. 


Regardless of whether or not you were born under a Libra sun, you’ll be influenced by the universe at this time – so get reading. Here are 3 things you can do to make the most of Libra season this year: 


Get out of the house. Now. 


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Everything is in place for your current relationships and friendships to thrive, and for new ones to blossom. There’s no excuse for staying in on Friday nights at the moment – get out there! If you’re a fuckboy, your pick-up lines will be smoother than cream cheese. If you normally wait around for others to take the lead, you might find yourself with unexpected courage to take initiative. FOMO is a big mood, and Libras are especially prone to it, but you really need to take every social opportunity that comes your way. 


Get Witchy


If you’re already an Astrology GirlTM (and you are, because you’re reading this – don’t lie to yourself), why not take it one step further and get creative with some crystals and essential oils this Libra season? If you’re into crystals, moonstone is a must-have for Libra season – and beyond, really. It’s said to be good for keeping you on track, and possesses “enlightening” properties. Agate is another crystal that’s worth working with during Libra season, because it encourages balance and stability: the ultimate perks of Libra season. 


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Essential oils are also a great way to tap into Libran energy. Geranium is an essential oil that promotes balance and regulates hormones. You can diffuse it and enjoy its uplifting aroma (it also helps to ward off depression, so there’s that), or apply it to your face with a carrier oil, like grapeseed or coconut oil. Chamomile is another substance associated with balance. You can add it to your tea, or even a cup of warm milk, or place some drops on your pillow before you sleep to relieve insomnia and stress.  


Listen to your sense of justice, but don’t let your emotions control it


The Libra zodiac symbol is a set of scales, which represents Librans’ desire and ability for balance. During Libra season, we often experience a heightened ability to view situations objectively and respond to them fairly. However, be careful not to overdo it. You might find yourself getting really passionate – which is great – but there’s a line. It’s worth keeping in mind that most conflicts require a compromise. 


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Libra season is a pretty chilled time of year, particular if you’re moving out of Virgo season feeling pretty stressed and overworked. Breathe, take some time to recharge, and MINGLE! It’s the perfect time of year to focus on your love life, regardless of whether you’re attached or single. Go on a cute date, even if you only take yourself. Self-care is always a winner.


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