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“Every time we play it’s like day one”: San Cisco and Ball Park Music join forces

“Every time we play it’s like day one.” – Sam Cromack, Ball Park Music.

In case you missed it, Australian music juggernauts San Cisco and Ball Park Music recently announced a massive co-headline tour. Sprawling throughout September and October, the bands will play 11 shows supported by Ruby Fields, including at Brisbane Festival featuring Tia Gostelow.

San Cisco band members

I had a chat to Ball Park Music’s front-man Sam Cromack, who said while he’s always keen to go on tour, there’s something special about headlining alongside San Cisco.

“Our touring has always been in that standard format of ‘here’s the headliner… following some support acts.’ It’s kind of new territory in a way, to be co-headlining with an artist similar to ourselves, who’s tracked a similar path. We’ve been wanting to do something like this for years and it would fall over for whatever reason, but this one just came together so easily and we’re so glad it’s actually happening.”

For anyone who’s been within cooee of an Australian music festival, San Cisco and Ball Park Music are regular front-runners for the headline spot. The concept of two huge Australian touring together is a big step forward in changing the nature of live music – you get the festival vibe without the commitment, says Sam.

“It kind of surprises me that more bands don’t do shows of this nature. It’s a cool concept, having two bands put their powers together for one big show and we can play bigger venues. And you manage to keep the costs pretty low [for punters].”

It’s not the first time the Brisbane five-piece will be gracing our local uni stage, with Sam citing Wollongong as one of his favourite places to visit, from the hyped-up crowds to the serene beachscapes.

“We’ve always been shown such hospitality in Wollongong and surrounded by such energetic people. Some regional crowds can get borderline out of control, but Wollongong crowds seem to have their shit together so it’s really fun.”

To anyone who has seen them in the past: it’s no secret that Ball Park Music put on an absolute show when they perform live. Having seen them perfom six times, I can confirm that their stage presence is as energetic and fun as their songs.  But if you think Ball Park Music have any chance of slowing down soon, fear not; Sam reckons they’ll be dancing around stage for many more years to come.

“We’ve been touring Australia for song long now it just feels like second nature. We’ve been doing this since we were 20 years old, and it’s just our lifestyle now, an awesome lifestyle. The passion is still so strong. It’s still really fucking exciting to pack your bags to go to the airport to go play music. Every time we play it just feels like day one and the whole show goes by in the blink of an eye,” he said.

Tickets for Ball Park Music & San Cisco are available via moshtix until October 24 but are selling quick so snap them up!