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Outlander: ‘All Debts Paid’ recap

Note: this article contains spoilers.

Only Jamie Fraser could end up in prison and somehow end up as the king of the prison, but that is what happens in this week’s episode, All Debts Paid. 

A new Captain is heading up the prison, and Jamie has this feeling he knows the young man from somewhere, but he can’t put his finger on where. He continues to interact with the man, making demands on behalf of the prisoners. Including…Murtagh!

Yes, he’s back. But of course, the poor man is ill and stuck in prison.

All Debts Paid Recap
Yas, my homeboy is back. Source.

Jamie makes a deal in order to ensure his kinsman’s health. The Captain asks Jamie a favour – to translate the ramblings of a madman. He does what he’s told, but when the man starts talking to Jamie about The White Witch, the Scot hatches a plan to break out of prison.

He has hope. Maybe Clare isn’t as far away as he thought.

Of course, the guy he’s translating for doesn’t quite believe his story. He keeps a close eye on Jamie. When he somehow escapes, he is furious. He searches everywhere for him.

all debts paid recap
This guy knows what’s up. Source.

It is then that we realise that the man is Lord John William Grey. Yep, he is the 16-year-old boy that Jamie tricked into thinking he was going to kill Claire and then spared.

He is the reason Jamie wasn’t shot to death by the British after Culloden. Jamie spared his life, and he pledged a debt of honour. He also pledged that after he repaid that debt, he would kill Jamie.

Jamie realises that Claire isn’t where the mad man said, and goes to beg for the Lord to end his life. The Lord declines, and they end up building a beautiful friendship. Jamie opens up about Claire. At the beginning of the episode, he was calling her a ‘lass’. Then, he tells John about his beautiful wife Claire.

What’s her name? Source.

It turns out John is gay, and when he hits on Jamie, the man reacts poorly.  So it is a bit of a surprise when the prison shuts down, and Lord Grey takes him to lead a new life free of bars.

all debts paid recap
Taking Jamie to the promise land. Source

In Claire’s world, it seems that she and Frank have come to an agreement. They lead separate lives. Frank dates other women, he even stays with one for so long that he contemplates marrying her!

All Debts Paid recap
When side bae meets your wife. Source.

Claire is happy with Brianna and the hospital, but when Frank brings Sandy to his house for Claire’s graduation…well, let’s just say divorce isn’t the only thing Claire wants.

All debts paid recap
Watch out, Frank! Source.

Frank realises if this was to happen, he’d lose Brianna since the courts ruled a child needs their mother more than their father. He insists on staying together, despite being adamant that nobody believes they are happily married.

The rest All Debts Paid pertaining to these two is constant snippets of their lives. On Brianna’s 18th birthday, Frank asks Claire for a divorce. Brianna has finished high school and Frank has been offered a job at Cambridge and he wants his daughter to go with him. He believes Brianna will choose him over Claire, since she’s been busy with Medical School and her work at the hospital. They fight. Frank storms out. Claire gets called to work.

HBD Brianna. Source.

They get reunited when Frank gets brought into the morgue. He’s died in a car accident. Claire has a teary goodbye with him, saying that he was her first love, and she will always love him.

Tobias Menzies is officially finished with Outlander.  Jonathan Wolverton Randall died in the first episode of this season and now with Frank’s farewell. It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to such an ever present face on the show.

Executive Producer Maril Davis told POPSUGAR, “For me, Frank is one of the tragic figures of Outlander. He comes in, he agrees to raise a child that’s not his own, and he lives in a marriage where he knows is wife still loves another man . . . . The most tragic line to me is in episode three where he says, ‘In time, do you think you could have ever forgotten about him?’ and she says, ‘That amount of time doesn’t exist.'”

Goodbye Tobias! Source.

“That, to me, encapsulates the whole series. I think it’s such an interesting relationship also because we see in episode six that Claire says, ‘I loved raising Brianna with Frank. I didn’t love him, but I loved raising Brianna with Frank.’ That says so much about the relationship. They were good parents together, but they weren’t good life partners,” she continued.

Goodbye, Frank. We’ll miss you…sort of. All Debts Paid, you hit us right in the feels.