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Nintendo’s Mini SNES is Coming In September

Nintendo seems to have cracked the code for getting millennials to buy their products. Instead of just releasing new content, they’ve come up with a genius way to boost sales. And no, it’s not through the much loved Nintendo Switch.

Instead, why not release the games they played as kids on newer consoles that connect to today’s television? It’s so simple!

Judging by the success of the NES Classic, Nintendo have decided to launch the Super NES classic, a miniaturised version of the OG Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The console itself. Source: Nintendo.

It’s due to be released on the 29th of September, so mark it in your diary if you’re interested in reliving your childhood with classic games like: Super Mario World; Kirby Super Star; Kirby’s Dream Course; The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past™; and Mega Man X. The console will come with two retro controllers and 21 built-in games, including the never released Star Fox 2.

Classic Kirbs’. Source.

However, there’s been no word as of what will happen when the consoles sell out. It doesn’t help that if we’re going off the SNES release last year, it was released around the American holidays and there was such a high demand that went unaddressed last time. Consoles sold out so quickly that people were left unsatisfied, despite the amount they were willing to pay.

However, people are slowly but surely getting excited about the SNES Super Console release. If you’re able to get your hands on one, they’re something to be excited about considering the 21 nostalgic games you get access to. It retails for $80 USD, which sits at around $105 AUD.