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This New HBO Series is Set to be the NEXT ‘Gossip Girl’

For those of you still mourning the end of the Gossip Girl era since 2012 – get ready! Because the TV network that brought us Game of Thrones, True Blood and Sex and the City is about to fill that XOXO-shaped void in your heart.

Meet Prep: based off Curtis Sittenfeld’s award-winning 2005 debut novel, now 11 years later it’s being adapted into a HBO comedy series set to be the next Gossip Girl.

The story centres on Lee Fiora, a scholarship student from the Midwest who moves across the country to attend the prestigious (and fictional) Ault School.

Unlike Gossip Girl, which took place in NYC, Prep is set near Boston, Massachusetts, and all the characters will live on campus, making for even more drama.


The show will begin in freshman year (our equivalent of year nine) where Lee navigates the inevitably complicated school hierarchy, which means we can expect (if it’s successful) at least four seasons.

Furthermore, all tied up in a hotbed of adolescent angst, the important themes at the novel’s core are class, race, and gender – while also touching on crucial issues such as mental health and drug abuse. Which means that assuming Hollywood doesn’t let us down, we will also have a really diverse cast.


And if this wasn’t enough, the dream team responsible for developing the series is the executive producer for Game of Thrones, Carolyn Strauss, and former writer and producer for 30 Rock, Colleen McGuinness.


While it’s still early days, we’ll keep you posted for when exactly we’ll next get our hit of the semi-fictitious lives of over-privileged high schoolers.

So until then, you know you love me. XOXO.