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James Gallacher: Burrito lover, pizza connoisseur and sneaker enthusiast. There are four things that you could sum up my life and get a pretty accurate depiction of me. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, sneakers, music and photography. These things dictate my day to day routine and pretty much consume my life. Watching men and women fake fight brings me tremendous amounts of joy and if something big happens in the wrestling world I will make sure you hear about it. I hope you have an enjoyable time reading about what I find interesting in the entertainment industry and the world around us, and through my posts you can be introduced to a new part of life that you might not have had a taste of yet.

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James Gallacher

Top 10 Sneaker Collaborations of Last Year

2015: a year when sneakers flooded the footwear market, overpowering the big hitters such as Vans and Converse, rapidly becoming the shoe that everyone must have on their feet. As hard as it has b

March 30, 2016


James Gallacher

Adidas' New Shoe, the NMD Takes the World By Storm

As the sneaker heads clamber for new releases of Kanye’s signature shoe line, an emerging new model that was released in extremely limited quantities has caught the eyes of Adi-fans. The Adidas NMD

July 08, 2016


James Gallacher

Adidas is Saving the World, One Foot at a Time

Adidas have unveiled a new chapter in their ongoing sneaker releases that have revolutionised sneakers and the industry as a whole. With this newest release we see the brand with the three stripes tea

April 12, 2016


James Gallacher

10 Things You Need to Know About WWE After the Wrestlemania 32 Fallout

Wrestlemania is over for the year and a lot took place. These are the things that you should know going into WWE in 2016. 10: Over the coming months we will see returning wrestlers from the injury l

January 15, 2016


James Gallacher

How Kanye West Changed the Fashion World in 2015

Jedi or high fashion? You choose. Withholding your own opinions on his status in popular culture throughout the years, Kanye West has taken the fashion world by storm though his clothing line that, a

June 08, 2016


James Gallacher

Brand New Accidently Let Slip Their Retirement …Early?

Could this really be the end of one of the most influential bands in emo history? Brand New have been around since 2000 and over that time they have released some of the most beautiful albums of the g

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Hannah Laxton-Koonce

Best light show in Sydney is here

The best light show in Sydney is here! Have you been yet? ✨ The Chattr team head to the city to explore what it's all about! What is your favourite part of Vivid Live?