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Interview with an Influencer: Sarah’s Day spills her Fitness Tips for the Busy Millennial

With a whopping 1m followers on Instagram, Sarah’s Day has proven she is one of Australia’s best-loved role models when it comes to health and fitness. We did a Q&A with Sarah where she revealed her current and future projects, tips for balancing your social life, and advice on staying fit and healthy for millennials who have too much on their plate:

What are some new and exciting projects you’ve been working on?

Despite becoming a mum a little over 6 months ago, I feel like my schedule and product development plans have tripled! It’s no secret that I’ve been working for almost two years on a ‘cooking project’ that is set to launch in early 2020, so I’m extremely excited for that! While I’m working on loads of new projects, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super busy with my existing products including Body Bloom, my inner health and beauty powder with Tropeaka. We’ve been receiving incredible reviews on this product in relation to our customers’ skin, bloating, energy levels and hair quality! I’m also busy with my White Fox activewear collections, fitness eBooks, Natural Body Box and Podcast (The Health Code). It never stops!

fitness Sarah's Day
Sarah holding her product Body Bloom (image supplied)


When was your latest e-book released? What can it teach us about fitness? 

Sweat it Reload was my last eBook launch and is the sequel to Sweat it to Shred it. Essentially they’re both eight-week active lifestyle challenges that encompass fun, functional, challenging and unique workouts! Sweat it to Shred it includes weeks one to eight, whereas Sweat it Reload offers weeks nine to sixteen. Although both are challenging in their own right, Sweat it Reload was designed and created to offer my squad an extra challenge and to get you even sweatier! Both programs can be flexible and adapt to your schedule while giving you results. My goal is to keep you motivated and excited to work out every day (unless it’s a rest and recovery day). Some unique features of the programs are the actual workout structure including sweaty shredders, toning powers, challenges, sezzy circuits and more! 

How do you stay fit and healthy when you have so much on your plate?

Balancing a healthy lifestyle is something I’m still getting the hang of. No day is the same, but I do try to stick to a rough schedule. Training in the mornings is always great as I have more energy, and then while Fox is napping I’ll try to fit my work in. 

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Image supplied


On that note, how do you also make time for socialising, work, relationships?

To be honest, things are pretty hectic at the moment, but it’s important to find ways to prioritise yourself each day, even with the craziness that is creating vlogs and keeping my life up-to-date with my followers. In the end, taking every moment as it comes and working hard to ensure a balance is in my life, and having those around me who support me in this way – like Kurt and my family – is something I’m so grateful for.


What advice do you have for millennials who are hoping to get fit but feel like they don’t have the time?

Try and stick to a schedule that you know works for you. For example, if you feel that you train better in the afternoons rather than in the early morning, then stick to that. But best, listen to your body and see what works for you, and then keep yourself accountable to stick to this schedule. Forming important habits around fitness that are healthy and sustainable that work around your lifestyle is key. It’s also great to look for other ways to train in a busy schedule, such as during lunch breaks, between classes at uni or college, or doubling down on the weekend if the weekdays are just too busy!

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What’s been your favourite passion project or fitness routine to date?

Definitely my ebooks, but I have some great projects lined up for 2020 that I’m super excited for!


What are your favourite fitness brands that are beautiful, comfortable and affordable?

Welllll… I can’t look past my own activewear collection with White Fox Boutique, you’ll see me rockin’ that activewear all day every day!