#Influencer: Quality Vs Quantity

Do you always see your Instagram idols posting regularly throughout the day? I know I do, but I never considered how difficult this must be. If you’re posting three to four times a day, that’s a lot of photos and they can’t all be the same!

I have found that it is a huge struggle to post quality content on a mass scale. I just keep running out of photos that are of a reasonable quality.

Quality v quantity instagram
Later, an Instagram focused app, states that “organic reach on Instagram continues to decline, and just like it’s important to know when to post to Instagram to beat the algorithm, it’s also important to know how often you should post.”

2018 brought a new update to Instagram: an algorithm based on engagement. Engagement includes likes, comments, views, shares and any other interactions with the post.

To beat this algorithm, users and businesses are now posting mass content on a daily basis to increase engagement and try to earn the place at the top of their audience’s feeds.

Is mass-posting content an effective engagement strategy? In some ways. For one, it can be useful to target audiences of different time zones rather than focusing on the majority of your current following. It allows you to meet a global audience instead of limiting yourself to one geographic market segment.

Supre quality instaThe problem with constant content is that it often leads to skimping on quality, which is essential to building your following. Nobody wants to see low quality aesthetics on their feed, as we now have access to technology that allows traditionally photographer level images.

So, my advice? Try to post as much as you can – but keep in mind that posting high-quality images should be the most important consideration!  A social media expert, Neil Patel, states that “the best posting frequency for Instagram is the posting frequency that you can consistently maintain for the rest of your natural life.”

For those of you who are aiming to build an influence over a greater period of time, post when it feels natural to you! Whether this means twice a day or twice a week, if you are producing quality content to a niche you will build a following.