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‘Women Only’ Wonder Woman Screenings Piss Off Manbabies

Wonder Woman has been at the centre of controversy ever since it was announced she would be getting a new live-action film. Apparently, its release date is no exception. Some cinemas around America want to do ‘women only’ screenings, which shouldn’t be a problem considering Wonder Woman is a female hero and these are rarely seen on the big screen.

Should be all good. Right?


wonder woman
Sorry lovely. Even with a shield like that, it won’t stop the complaints. Source. 

The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, Texas decided that they’d have a bit of fun with the release of the film and allow two ‘women only’ screenings. It’s not like they said that ONLY women were allowed to see the film in every showing, but nevertheless, people (particularly men) still got angry. Claims of sexism and bad feminism seemed to be the most popular of complaints.

Some top comments on the post include (which you can check out here):

oh look a sexist theather, and don’t tell me its simliar to vetrans vetrans can both be male and females. it is illegal to discmration towards a sex you people should shut down period. women power my butt more like feminist excuses up the behind


It’s okay Alamo Drafthouse I guess since it’s Memorial Day us men will continue to do what we’ve done and die so you can have your little showing of Wonder Woman. Because nothing says equality like men dying and women watching a movie.

My personal favourite, however is this one:

yet another reason to never visit this shithole of a theater. if it was no muslims allowed is that ok? since when is it ok to discriminate and think its ok? none of you claiming this to be acceptable can ever bitch about a christian baker refusing service for a gay weddimg cake.. if you say the business can do what they want then, you cant pick and choose what is ok to discriminate against just bc it somehow fits your warped ideology.

These are all real comments by the way. Seems like women can’t do anything right.

Kudos to the movie theatre though, they’re still standing strong!