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Do You Fart More Than the Average Australian?

What do we know about the average Australian?

Statistics say that he or she probably live on the Australian coastline. They are also likely to have been born in the country. But what about the average flatulence? A fun survey from Ubisoft suggests that the average Australian also experience genuine joy out of their own farts (and 35% enjoy a whiff of their own wind waffles).

Ubisoft interviewed more than one thousand Australians about their bum tooting habits to gear up for the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It’s tipped to be the most cheeky and hilarious video game released from Ubisoft to date. The video game is designed to be everything a South Park fan could ever dream of. “The Coon” and his superhero friends (Kenny, Kyle and the gang) embark on a series of missions with their secret weapon being their thunder from down under – hence the fart survey.

Fart Survey released to get us excited for the release of the new game!
Coon and his friends will go on adventures, using their farts as weapons (Image: Ubisoft)

Here are the stats: 27% of Australians have cut cheese during a business meeting; 22% on a first date; and 40% during sex. When given a selection of options where they’d most likely step on a duck in public, 66% chose stop change rooms. 36% are happy to blast anal audio in their car (with company), and 33% admit to doing the same on public transport.

A sweaty 22% are willing to let their faecal fumes spread through the gym, and 16% have risked their professional reputations by laying an egg in the workplace. Unsurprisingly, most people see farting as a faux pas. Almost half admit to cropping dust and fleeing the scene. 24% have no qualms about blaming someone else for their roar from the rear. Just 28% of respondents are willing to take responsibility for their air biscuits. 16% have let one rip at a funeral, and 22% on a first date.

Is it okay to fart in yoga?
According to Ubisoft’s survey, 11% of us have flopped one during yoga (Image: Heart and Core Yoga)

The game, by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, will be available to purchase from 17 October. It will celebrate twenty successful years of the popular cult TV show. You can pre-order it now on Ubisoft. The game will run on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.