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What Even Happened in the ‘Game of Thrones’ S7 Trailer?

It’s been a beautiful week in Westeros. We had promo pictures dropped showcasing the epic season we have before us (and the dragons are looking top notch); and early this morning the season 7 trailer for Game of Thrones was released.

Um, one word. Hype. 


After all theses teases and hints into what season 7 would hold, it is completely confirmed that everything gets so real. So as you watch what the epic fantasy series has in store for us, probably with your mouth hanging open in pure shock and excitement, you’re more than likely going to think “what the actual heck just happened?” So here is a super quick break down of the trailer.

Cue the most ominous music you’ve heard in a long while. Cersei strides into frame towards a group of people, her cold demeanor giving away no hints. She believes she is surrounded by enemies from all four corners, but is confident in her ability to defeat them all. With Jaime by her side, as the only Lannisters alive that count, she thinks she has a chance. “Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.” But there is speculation as to who are the enemies in the south. All we see is a sword being sharpened, the sound as daunting as the music.

Okay, Cersei. You do you. Source.

But Cersei’s confidence sounds so hollow when Dany is shown edging closer to the Seven Kingdoms with her Dothraki armies and unstoppable dragons. The gates to Dragonstone open before her as her army cut down enemies left, right and centre. Is that Casterly Rock we need  being ransacked? That fire within Dany is burning brighter than ever, and I dare say she looks more human in this season. But what will it cost her to conquer the realm? We also get a nice glimpse of Tyrion walking along the edge of a cliff staring at the colossal size of Dany’s dragons.

Oh my Lord. I can’t. Source.

On the other side, Arya is trekking through a snowy landscape, seeming to have a purpose in her decision to be out in the cold. Our boy Jon Snow “The King in the North” is looking like the pressure is mounting up too quickly for him – he’d never imagined himself to be King and why would he? It was Robb’s title. Maybe he’ll avenge his brother with his newly acquired power.

The tension starts to grow as the gate on the Wall slides open and we see Theon looking a little worse for wear, but his scene is quickly cut to Melisandre, rugged up on the top of a cliff. It then shifts to Wildlings running through the icy terrain (probably from White Walkers), before flicking to Arya making camp where maybe the chill in the air and her horse are not the only things there.

Don’t be so out in the open, Arya. Source.

Of course Game of Thrones would be nothing without a sneaky shot of Littlefinger, who is probably looking to slip into the threads of power at Winterfell through our girl Sansa. But while Winterfell and King’s Landing face political turmoil, there seems to be a fair bit of inclination towards Dany winning this war by brute force as a hordes of Dothraki look savage af galloping on screen. But voiced over these scenes of brutality and fear is Davos speaking the damn truth about their situation: The Iron Throne won’t matter if they’re all dead. And speaking of dead, the Mountain is looking like a Westeros version of Darth Vader.

And like icing on a cake, the roar of a dragon cuts through the darkness and we watch the Dothraki ride across a plain with Drogon soaring high above. What the heck, Game of Thrones?

Watch the trailer below to get a true feel of what awaits.