Kraj Kraj Conspiracies.

Known as the People’s Princess, Diana was cherished and adored all over the world.   For years, people have speculated this was not an accident. Could there be more to…

HIV conspiracy theories are hardly a new phenomenon. Nonetheless, the disease exists, and healthcare efforts around the world are needed. Are you skeptic?

Founded in 1776 the Illuminati has become probably the most well-known organisation to date. The transformation over its meaning, influence, agenda and notorious members *coughJAYZcough*, however, has been quite the…

The deception, the betrayal! We couldn’t believe it either. That there are people out there who think we’re a hoax of a country! Sally explains this ludicrous conspiracy theory.

Forget about your snake of an ex-partner.. we’ve got scalier problems on our hands, literally. Listen to Sally break down another Kraj Kraj Conspiracy, this time on, the Lizard People.

NEW WORLD ORDER! …. uhh, come again?! A secretive power elite with an agenda to rule the world through an authoritarian world government. Do you believe we’re under threat?