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How to Survive a Long Flight

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It’s almost holiday season and the majority of us will be trading in the Australian traditions for something a little more cultural, either overseas or nationally. The problem with some of these trips is dealing with the extremely long, arduous flight that can be EXTREMELY uncomfortable for those of us who can’t afford business class (so almost everyone).

So, we’ve devised some quick and simple hacks to have the most comfortable flight possible for this holiday season.

Take a good quality pillow.

Buying or taking a reliable pillow or neck pillow can make it so much easier to relax and attempt to sleep on a long-haul flight. Picking up a pillow for your neck and head will not only assist you in getting physically comfortable but will prepare you mentally for the flight ahead.

Get set up for the long haul.

Plan where you’re sitting.

Getting some much needed rest on a flight can make the experience so much more comfortable, bearable and relaxing. Choosing to sit at the plane’s wing is also a good idea, as experts have claimed that since they’re closer to the plane’s center of gravity, turbulence is reduced.

Snagging a window seat allows for more room to rest that heavy head of yours for the long trip ahead. The only time you ever have to get up is when you need to go to the bathroom. It’s also a pretty nice view.

Ear plugs are a must.

Want the incessant crying of children gone? The whine and buzz of the plane’s engine to disappear? The easiest way around these problems is to enlist in either ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones to block out the noise around you. They will help you fall asleep when you need to most, block out the ambient rumbling of the engine (which is said to cause stress) and give you the best chance at sleep that you’ve got!


Staying hydrated.

Aircraft cabins are usually extremely dry environments making dehydration a common occurrence for travellers. Buying a water bottle at the airport to keep hydrated while in the air is so important. Bringing moisturiser and eye drops along with you will minimise your chances of becoming dehydrated, your skin and eyes will thank you once you land!

A good sleeping mask.

Want to forget that those 300 and something other passengers aren’t there? Close your eyes and they aren’t! Using a good sleeping mask (paired with some ear plugs) is so effective against the radiant light that illuminates the aisles when you’re trying to get some much needed sleep (it also stops the light from the d*ckhead who’s reading next to you from keeping you up).

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An extra wink makes all the difference.

Dress in comfortable clothes in layers.

Comfortable travelling is a must, in saying this, some fashion and style have to be sacrificed. Be prepared to slip on those fuzzy