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Rick and Morty S3 E10 Recap and Review

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The season finale of Rick and Morty Season Three has already shocked us by starting in the middle of the White House – one of Rick’s least favourite places in the world – as a hapless cleaner goes to work the night shift.
He descends a secret elevator behind a portrait of Abe Lincoln, only to be attacked by some kind of monster.


Rick and Morty sit on the couch at home, playing a game of Minecraft on Morty’s laptop. While Rick points out the pointless “mining, crafting and mining with what you crafted” cycle, a Secret Service chopper arrives at their front door to escort them to the White House.

Clearly, these guys didn’t get the memo about Rick’s Portal Gun…

Rick and Morty portal to the White House, just in time to meet Keith David the President himself. The President briefs them on the situation, that some alien “gagoo” has infested the Kennedy Sex Tunnels and he wants Rick and Morty to deal with them.
While Morty points out the suspicion of the tunnels namesake, he is told to forget he saw them, along with the existence of other “national embarrassments” like the Truman Cocaine Lounge, The McKinley Hooker Dump and most frightening of all, the Lincoln Slave Coliseum.

Wow, hypocrisies of power much?

Morty tries to take a selfie with the President, only for the latter to dismiss him and head off to a ‘normal’ peace summit. Things only get worse for the boy as he and Rick descend the Sex Tunnels, grumbling at the (quote and un-quote) “spoiled control freak that thinks he runs the world and orders drone strikes to cope with his insecurity” and how lowly he treats them.
The two leave and go back to playing Minecraft, unaware that two Secret Service agents have been watching the whole exchange…
Rick and Morty have just blown off America!

The President and his staff keep an eye on Rick and Morty via satellite as the former peruse the transcripts of the Sex Tunnel chat Rick and Morty had. Furious that they challenged his insecurity, he confronts them via a phone call. Rick attempts the moral high road by attacking the President for using an illegal satellite, but the latter reminds him that the two of them break thousands of federal laws a day and their presence is only allowed because they save the world once in a while.
Rick disagrees, reminding the President he won’t arrest them, not because he can’t, but because he would be incapable of doing so.
Rick and Morty have defeated planet-swallowing monsters and unhinged galaxy-wide governments. What could the President of America do?

Well, he does one thing: announce the government’s new anti-Rick and Morty policy, that they never needed them and never will need them again.


Beth takes Summer clothes shopping and even more shockingly, lets her buy a… provocative outfit without any arguments. Summer is overjoyed with her mother and admits its like she is