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‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Review

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Our story continues…

These are the first words spoken in the second season of Riverdale. The season picks up only short, agonising moments after Archie Andrews’ father is shot by a masked thug at Pop’s Chock’lit Shop.

Archie (who Jughead notes to not even have a license yet) makes his first appearance in this episode by driving his father’s pickup truck frantically (and haphazardly) through town to get him to the hospital. Miraculously, they make it in one piece just as Fred loses consciousness. The doctors rush Fred into surgery and tell Archie to wait outside. The junior Andrews feels helpless, but complies anyway.

At the Cooper household, Betty and her mother, Alice, begin to argue about the former’s steamy hook-up with Jughead at the end of season one. Alice calls out Jughead’s new ‘allegiances’ to the Southside Serpents, adamant that the boy will follow in his father’s criminal footsteps. Before Betty can even get a word in, she gets a phone call from Archie.

Things are going even worse for Veronica and her mother Hermione as the younger walks in with breakfast: a chocolate almond croissant and a mimosa made from a bottle of Cristal champagne intended to celebrate her father’s release from prison. Things begin to boil over, but like Betty before her, Veronica gets an abrupt phone call.

Jughead Jones has a motorbike?! Be still, my beating heart!
Jughead Jones has a motorbike now? Be still, my beating heart!

Soon, everyone from the Cooper family, the Lodge women and Jughead have arrived to support Archie. A tender group hug and spine-chilling recount of the shooting later, Alice and Hermione come from the reception to inform Archie that his father is in surgery and that his mother should hear about what happened. The support Archie is receiving from everyone is overwhelming, but crumbles away when Alice accuses the Southside Serpents (and indirectly Jughead’s father, FP) of having something to do with Fred’s injuries. Jughead reminds Alice that FP is in jail and for Archie’s sake, everyone stops the questioning.

After Archie calls his mother, Sheriff Keller arrives to question him on what happened. Questions between the Sheriff, Archie and Jughead fly about, except for one haunting speculation:

What if robbery wasn’t the motive? What if it was an attempt on Fred Andrew’s life?

And with that terrifying possibility out in the open, the interview ends.

The scene cuts to Veronica confiding in Betty about her wanting to help Archie, but being worried that she isn’t good enough at comforting people. The two girls reach an uneasy agreement as Archie and Jughead come back, wondering if one of the Southside Serpents Fred laid off may have been responsible for the attack. Jughead promises to look around and leaves.

Meanwhile, Fred is out of surgery, is having problems breathing without support. Discouraged, Archie goes home with Veronica and takes his dog Vegas for a walk, reminiscing on the day he first got him. He solidifies his love for the dog, but remembers that Fred loves Vegas