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Unpacking T-Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do”

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Taylor Swift has finally dropped some new music after a long-awaited three years, even though it feels like only yesterday that my ears were subjected to the constant repetition of Bad Blood on every commercial radio station.

Just weeks ago, Taylor won a court case against an American morning show host and DJ, after the court found he had sexually assaulted her at a meet-and-greet. She sued him for an iconic $1 US, claiming it was based on principle financial gain.

A few days later, she wiped all her social media accounts, leaving fans in a frenzy. Then she made a comeback via Instagram, by posting a creepy as heck video of a snake’s tail, which most think is a reference to her public feud with the Kardashian-West clan. Ah, Hollywood.

Now, fans’ prayers have finally been answered as her new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ was added to YouTube recently. The lyric video continues with the snake theme, and looks like it was created by Tim Burton, while the newly published film clip holds the same production value and cinematic endeavours as Bad Blood.

The lyrics themselves somehow hold a 50:50 ratio of bleedingly obvious and weirdly ambiguous. After only a few hours of existence, there were already theories surrounding the inspiration of the song, and yep, you guessed it: everyone thinks (knows) it’s a response to the whole Kim and Kanye sitch.

The song starts off with some creepy synthetic strings that almost sounds like the beginning of SAFIA’s Counting Sheep. Then we go into some deep bass and monotonous husky singing, and I hate to say it but my first impression was that Tay Tay was trying to rip the sound off my girl Lorde, who we all know I absolutely love, so my feelings around this song are very confused.

Then, we jump into some intense keys and higher singing and finally the song is picking up pace a little, but it still sounds like a home brand version of Lorde and the whole thing is more dramatic than this season of The Bachelor.

And just when you thought this song could be a catchy diss-track that you can dedicate to all your toxic high school friends while cruising down the highway, it dies again. The chorus is just the repetition of the words ‘look what you made me do’ for what feels like an eternity. The worst (or possibly best) part of the chorus is that, whether intentional or not, it shares the exact melody of the 1991 classic ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt’ by Right Said Fred. Listen to them side-to-side and get back to me.

After telling every single person I know about the similarities between the choruses, something amazing was discovered: Right Said Fred are actually credited as co-writers and I have no idea how to react.

Repeated lyrics are the foundation of this song. While there’s some cute and/or creepy metaphorical lyrics about kingdoms and such, the whole song