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‘Game of Thrones’ S7 E4: ‘The Spoils of War’ Recap

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Warning: spoilers ahead!

It’s that time again for another recap of Game of Thrones and oh god, this episode was actually on fire.

In the aftermath of Highgarden, Jaime and his Lannister forces cart away the gold needed for the Iron Bank because Lannisters always pay their debts. The spoils of war indeed. Bronn is rather frustrated at the bag of gold he receives as payment; he’d been expecting a castle. Jaime reminds him that they’re still at war, and after they win he can simply choose any castle he wants under Queen Cersei’s reign. Whether her reign is peaceable is an entirely different story, but stranger things have happened.


Back in King’s Landing, the Iron Bank representative is astonished at how swiftly Cersei has been able to acquired the funds to pay back her debt. Considering she plans on taking over the entire continent of Westeros, having the Iron Bank on her side would be greatly beneficial.

As for Winterfell, Baelish is obviously trying to get his hooks into Bran, handing him the dagger that was used by the cutthroat sent to kill him, the very one that started the War of the Five Kings. However, Catelyn Stark was able to stop the assailant from completing his task. It’s a true testament to Catelyn’s love for her children, but Bran doesn’t seem entirely moved by the whole conversation. Baelish reminds Bran he is devoted to Catelyn’s children, but at what price? The tone of the conversation changes once Bran quotes a signature statement of Baelish – one he said to Varys.

‘Chaos is a ladder,’ Bran says.

While Bran is not in control of Winterfell, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. With Meera turning up in his chamber to announce she is leaving to stay with her family, it’s clear that Bran’s indifference is simply because the Three-Eyed raven aspect of him has taken over the better part of Brandon Stark. He sees and remembers so much.

‘You died in that cave,’ Meera says before leaving in tears.

While Bran is full of magic, the badass Arya has successfully made her way back into Winterfell. She could have easily torn those two guards at the entrance apart, but it was rather enjoyable to see them fumbling about and bickering among themselves. Maisie Williams was brilliant in the scene when Arya takes in her old home after being away for so long. With a steady gaze at the Stark banner, she makes her way to the crypts.

The Stark sisters are united and damn, is it so hard to return Sansa’s hugs? The two have been through a lot of awful experiences, and as they acknowledge their stories haven’t been pleasant, they are far from over. For now, they’re two sisters who are capable of so much but are able to enjoy a moment together, joking about wishing they’d been the ones to kill Joffrey.