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‘Game of Thrones’ S7 E3: ‘The Queen’s Justice’ Recap

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Warning: spoilers ahead!

In “The Queen’s Justice”, we get a taste of Cersei’s wrath and determination.

It’s easy to remember how vindictive Cersei is. It’s a common trait she shares with Ellaria, who is paraded through King’s Landing alongside Yara as Euron claims a stunning victory and command of the Cersei’s navy. What a better gift than the woman who killed her daughter, and it’s fitting for Cersei to inflict the same treatment onto Ellaria: a poisoned kiss onto the lips of Ellaria’s daughter. As both mother and daughter are chained and gagged on opposite walls, Cersei is ruthless and unforgiving; Ellaria is to watch her daughter die and rot, forever bound to that cell.

The Queen’s justice indeed.

After a tumble with Jaime and not really giving a damn about who seems them together, a representative of the Iron Bank arrives to claim their debt. His presence reinforces what is at stake if Cersei were to lose the war, but she’s confident she’ll repay her debt in full within a fortnight. She’s cornered by enemies everywhere and not as strategically weak as we may think she is. There’s a lot of time for bloodshed.

Oh boy. Source.

However, Cersei’s cruel act is not the only highlight of this episode. Jon Snow and Ser Davos arrive at Dragonstone and it’s a bit of a shock with dragons soaring too close for comfort and Dothraki men escorting them. Dragons haven’t been around for centuries and the Dothraki have never set foot on Westeros; now we see why Daenerys believes she is the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms when she has accomplished so much to get here.

The moment Jon and Daenerys meet, it’s almost mythical. It’s been talked about for seasons and here it is.

“I’ve brought ice and fire together,” Melisandre tells Varys.

And damn right she did. But as can be expected, Jon and Daenerys clash: Jon won’t bend the knee and Daenerys doesn’t believe in the enemy beyond the Wall. Instead, Daenerys gives a solid pitch for pledging to her, affirming that it was meant for a Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne and for a Stark to serve as Warden of the North.

“Honor the pledge our ancestors made,” Daenerys states.

Thing is, Jon sees the Night King has the priority and while he agrees with Daenerys, he’s adamant she’ll be ruling over a graveyard if they don’t stop the White Walkers. While we know how terrifying the Night King and his army is, one so powerful it can wipe out humanity, this all sounds bonkers to Daenerys.

During Davos’ fervent argument that pulls favour back to Jon, it doesn’t go by unnoticed that it sounded like Jon had died and come back again. Nice save there, Jon. The whole debate is a rather awkward affair. But it’s easy to forget that as an omnipresent viewer, these characters are missing the pieces to the bigger