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Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017 Preview

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Once upon a time, San Diego hosted an event called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon. All of about 100 people attended the event that was held in a hotel basement.

Now, 47 years later, San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest events in the world. Everything from films and TV to games and toys will be presented at the event, some for the first time. In recent years, the con has hit attendances as high as 130,000. This year will be no different. These are all the biggest panels coming to you this weekend from Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017.


Disney will only have one property at Comic-Con this year and that is Marvel. Disney have their own convention called D23, which took place just last week. There we saw updates on many upcoming Disney, Pixar Star Wars and Marvel films.

Jury is still out on what Marvel will bring to Comic-Con. At D23 last week, Marvel pushed hard with their upcoming Avengers film, Avengers: Infinity War, so there is a very good chance they could do it again. However there are still many projects that can be touched on. Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s next big screen project in November, with Black Panther following up in February before Infinity War in May. This is also the last Comic-Con that Marvel can reveal news about Ant-Man & The Wasp, set for July 2018

On a TV note, Marvel’s Inhumans will be present ahead of their first season later this year, as well as their Netflix shows (see Netflix).

Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman. Source.

DC is Warner Bros. biggest card at this year’s Comic-Con. After coming off great reviews for Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. will be pushing hard for their upcoming release, Justice League. Aquaman is the next film on the slate after that, so there is a strong chance we can see a bit of footage from that. Apart from those however, no further movies have anything filmed so be on the look out for updates on DC’s other projects such as Wonder Woman 2, Batman and The Flash.

However, DC is not the only presence from Warner Bros. we can expect to see at Comic Con. Many other films will get a bit of focus this weekend including Blade Runner 2049, It, Ready Player One, Tomb Raider and Ocean’s Eight.

20th Century Fox

It is expected that we will get a variety of news from 20th Century Fox. Firstly, they have their Marvel properties up their sleeve which means we could get news on Deadpool 2, New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. They also have many other projects that in the works that could be focused on including Murder on the Orient Express, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and an upcoming Predator reboot.


Every year, Netflix grows bigger and bigger. And with that, more and more original content is being produced. They will have a strong showing at Comic-Con, showing off a