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Thor is back – and you’ll never guess where he is!

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been busy since the last time we got to catch up with Thor: Tony and Steve got into a bit,  Bruce Banner has been missing in action since the Avengers almost levelled Soko via,  we got a sneak peek at The Black Panther and the new Spiders man, and Luke Cage owned Harlem.

A lot has happened since Thor was last seen.
Sweet Christmas. Source.

Well, now we no longer need to be worried about The Son Of Odin. He’s reemerged, in Australia of all places!

He’s been hanging out with his new room mate Darryl Jacobsen, but he hasn’t quite adjusted to life on Earth yet. We first got a glimpse at this bromance back in August last year, when there was trouble brewing between the Avengers.

The tagline is perfect, ‘Rogers & Barnes. Stark & Rhodes. Thor & Darryl’.  It just highlights what an iconic duo these two are.

We hope Marvel bring us more of the Thor and Darryl series.