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First Look At Stranger Things Season 2

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The hype is currently in overdrive for the new season of Netflix’s smash success Stranger Things. To ramp things up, they’ve now offered the first glimpse of the new season.

The teaser shows Dustin and friends dressed in full Ghostbusters gear (proton packs included) out the front of their school. The image was taken from the teaser that was released at the Super Bowl.

Netflix has also let slip that the new season will be taking place in 1984 – the year of not only Ghostbusters but other blockbusters like The Terminator, Gremlins, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The official Stranger Things twitter account also released a cryptic image showing a weather report for Houston where this year’s Super Bowl was held.

While it might just look like a neat tie-in to the teaser, fans on Twitter have started inspecting the numbers. What’s been found is that when each of the numbers are subtracted from one another, it results in 9 / 8 / 17. Which according to the American dating system, would make it the 8th of September, 2017.

Since the release of the teaser, however, we now know that season 2 is set to debut on Halloween. Spooky!

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