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Woolies Finally Teaches Us How To Make Steamed Hams

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After receiving hundreds of inquiries on how to cook a steamed ham – a reference to a classic Simpsons episode – the Woolworths Facebook page have released a video teaching us how to cook steamed hams once and for all.

Supernintendo Charmers (source)
Super Nintendo Charmers. Source

As well as proving that steamed hams are definitely not a thing, the clever video included a huge number of references to classic Simpsons episodes such as the SMARCH¬†calendar, Homer’s 64 slices of American cheese and the Ravenous Ravenous Rhinos.

The Simpsons
Cheesetastic. Source

In just 48 hours, the steamed hams video has been viewed almost half a million times. How cromulent!

The Woolies marketing department certainly got plenty of brownie points from Simpsons fans, with one fan saying they would now stop shopping at Coles and switch to Woolworths.

Woolworths know a little more about marketing than Homer. Source

The Woolies Facebook page then spent some time responding to comments with witty Simpsons quotes and joking about a new endeavour:

Just eat the damn orange! (source)
Just eat the damn orange! Source

Kudos to you, Woolworths. Watch the full video below.