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Student Can’t Decide What Shoes To Wear To Uni After Uggboots Break

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University of Wollongong student, Miss Ruth Struth, was reportedly having a breakdown earlier today, as her uggboots broke before she could leave for class. According to eyewitness reports, Miss Struth was kicking a footy in her backyard when the soles of her uggboots detached from the rest of the shoe, leaving her soleless.

Ruth struggling to deal with her loss of soles and foot warmth. Source

“At least her fashion matches her personality now,” said neighbouring professional gamer, 27-year-old John Streaker. His mother, Janet Streaker was quick to follow up with, “John, stop spying on that poor girl. Come here and get back on seek.com.au.”

When asked for comment, Miss Struth said, “I literally have no idea what to wear on my feet. It’s too cold for thongs and I can’t wear my high heels to the uni bar.”

After an hour of deliberation, Miss Struth decided on dropping the subject she had that day, even though the census date had passed two weeks beforehand. She was last seen trawling ugg.com for deals on new uggboots. Goodluck and godspeed, Ruth.