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Independence Day: Resurgence is a Movie Best Seen Drunk

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Much like its 1996 predecessor, Independence Day: Resurgence thrives on its OTT action sequences and cringe-worthy dialogue. It knows exactly what kind of film it is, and never pretends to be anything other than a cheesy sci-fi flick. In that respect, director Roland Emmerich should be commended. However, the film inevitably stumbles on its predictability, overuse of CGI and underwritten characters.

 All you need to know about Independence Day: Resurgence is that it picks up 20 years after the events of the original film and America has significantly strengthened their weapon and defensive systems in preparation for another possible alien attack. Most of the original cast, including Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, all return and play their roles as well as you would expect them too. However, Will Smith’s absence is well and truly felt. Smith bought such wit and charisma to his role in the original, that it was always going to be tough to replace him. Liam Hemsworth gives it his best shot as a hot-shot pilot, but is no match for the naturally charismatic Will Smith.

TWF you realise you will never be Will Smith. Source

Of course, the film is visually impressive, but the whole ‘mass destruction of cities’ routine is getting very tired, with both Batman Vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War also including the destruction of large buildings. The simple truth is that the sequel has been released too late for it to make an impact. The original was a prime example of classic 90’s cheese-fest and this should have been the same. But, in an industry which prefers its blockbusters much more sombre and serious, Independence Day: Resurgence feels very much like a film out of its time.

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