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What In The #Hashtag Are You Talking About?!

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Have you ever wondered how those random hashtag trends come about, and then slowly begin to creep into your every day vocabulary? I have. I caught myself last week exclaiming “Damn Daniel,” “Bye Felicia,” and “HA! Got him!” (I know, quality conversations over here). But it got me thinking, where the hell did these weird trending words come from? How have they become such an international language that even my dog scowls when I yell out “DEEZ NUTS!”?


Don’t fret if you’re out of the loop, I’ll catch you up super quickly.

  1. Bye Felicia

Tracing it back to 1995, you can thank Ice Cube for this phrase. Here’s the break down: Felicia (who is played by Angela Means-Kaaya) wants to borrow the car. Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) refuses. Felicia then wants to borrow a joint (that escalated quickly.) Again, Smokey dismisses this idea. To get rid of Felicia, Jones (played by NWA’s Ice Cube) says “Bye, Felicia.”

Now obviously people haven’t been holding onto this phrase for ten years. Ice Cube uttered it so calmly, yet today’s crowd use it with such flare and sass. What actually made it a mainstream comment was in 2008 when someone uploaded the definition of ‘By Felicia’ to Urban Dictionary.


The moral of the story: It would suck to be named Felicia.

2. “Damn Daniel”

If I didn’t know better, I would think Daniel and his white vans are taking over the Internet. “Damn Daniel” has become a legit compliment after a series of videos were posted by his overly obsessive friend Josh who shouts the phrase continuously. Josh takes short clips of his friend Daniel doing every day things in his white vans, like walking at school, smiling, looking cool and showing off his outfits. The situation between ‘Damn Daniel’ and Josh seems to be major bromance that has ended in an explosion of Internet fame for the Van advocate, and his biggest fan.

Some people argue that his fame exists also because he’s super cute* (*some people consists remotely of me) but calm your farms ladies, the cutie is only 14 years old!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.10.32 pm

3. “Deez Nuts”

Internet entertainer WelvenDaGreat posted a video of himself speaking on the phone, where he tells the joke that “deez nuts” arrived in the mail. In the first month, the video gained a staggering 58,000 likes. This one is a personal favourite of mine: #1 because of its utter pointlessness and #2 this would not even be funny enough for a 10 year old prank calling, yet the people of the Internet exploded with laughter.

This one is also an interesting one because for some reason, a 15 year old American school boy named Brady Olson decided he would run for president under the name ‘Deez Nuts’ – (clearly inspired by the sheer genius of the original meme.)

Okay, that’s enough Internet for today…