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10 Things Every Traveller Needs

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Getting ready to go overseas can be incredibly daunting and stressful. You make lists of what you should take and even though you are checking off items, you will almost inevitably always forget something. Soon you are at the airport and you’re freaking out, though if you have these 10 things in your luggage, you will have the trip that you have been dreaming of and the journey of a lifetime.

1. Your passport.

This is your lifeline overseas so it is kind of important, I guess. Without this little travel companion, the furthest you will get is the check in office. The only holiday selfie you will be uploading is one of regret as you make your way home.

2. A camera.

You need to take photos of all the amazing places you will be visiting. Sadly, no matter how amazing time you had abroad, you eventually have to come home so you will want to have something to reminisce over!


3. A decent watch.

For just a small amount of money this bad boy normally comes with a long lasting battery, an alarm clock and simple light.

4. A small kit with medicine, Band-Aids and first aid essentials.

You never know what may happen to you on your adventures so it is also best to be prepared. Yes, these are things that are widely available whilst on your travels but in times of need, you will be glad to have already invested in them!

5. A neck pillow.

I for one did not invest in one of these on my first trip to Europe. Big mistake. The 24 + hour flight is a killer and I can promise you that you will want something more comfortable than the thin pillows airlines provide. The neck pillow is also easy to travel with and increases the comfort levels like you would not believe!

6. Locks.

Your security whilst abroad is incredibly important! Whilst you may meet some incredible people overseas, not everyone will be as genuine and kind as you’d hope. Investing in bag locks will help keep your possessions safe and sealed away from prying eyes and greedy hands!

7. A reusable drink bottle!

You are probably planning on doing lots of walking and sight seeing, correct? Well my friend you are also going to become very thirsty so try and save some coinage and just refill your drink bottle. Simple necessitates such as liquids can be rather pricey aboard!

8. A universal adapter.

Not every country has the same power points so with a universal adapter, you will never have to worry about your devices running out of juice again!

9. Your traveller’s cash passport.

Anything you may have forgotten can easily be bought when you arrive at your destination, if need be, though to do so you must have money. Getting a cash passport is probably one of the most efficient ways to go from country to country, without worrying about exchange rates or differing currencies. It is also a good idea to always have some loose change on you. Tipping is very common around the rest of the world! People expect a tip for nearly everything!

10. A sense of adventure and an open mind.

This is the most important thing you can have before you leave for your trip overseas. Challenge yourself and see the world in new and exciting ways. Life is short and the world is large. Embark on this incredible journey, live, laugh and grow.


With these 10 things, you will have a comfortable trip no matter where you go, but more important thing is that you will have the trip of a lifetime!