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5 Reasons Why Doing Nothing is Amazing

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Sometimes you just need to do nothing, achieve fuck all and procrastinate your little heart out. It’s ok, we get it, and there are a bunch of reasons why you absolutely should factor in a day (or five) of achieving nothing once in awhile.

  1. You don’t want to be behind on a TV show and risk spoilers.

Spending a day catching up on The Walking Dead so no one can spoil it for you is a perfectly good reason to neglect your responsibilities.

  1. You got the ‘back to uni’ flu.

You are the picture of health all summer, then the second you set foot on campus you’re struck down and rendered a massive germ. There’s nothing for it but to stay at home and eat everything in your fridge. Just do it, you’ll feel better.

  1. You just had three 8 hour shifts in a row.

I know you want to go out and spend all that money you just earned at your slave job but going out to 6 consecutive brunches and drinking till the wee hours of the morning will just make you even more tired. Take a day and sleep, watch Netflix and hang with your cat, and responsibly plan your purchases so you’re not broke in a week.

  1. You survived assignment week.

With the new semester just beginning, we are all already dreading week 5 when all the assignments are due and your brain hurts more than normal. If you manage to survive assignment week without going insane or gaining half your body weight in stress-Nutella then you have earned a day of rest, my friend.

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  1. You fucking want to.

You’re an adult, and unless you have an actual assignment due that afternoon that you haven’t started yet or are nowhere close to finishing, then there is really nothing stopping you from plonking down in bed, ignoring that you haven’t bought groceries in 4 days, ordering pizza and living in a blanket cocoon until you’re well rested.

Such comfy, wow.
Such comfy, wow. source