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C’mon and Slam! Michael Jordan’s Famous Shoe Gets Official Release

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It’s official, the shoe that rose into pop culture stardom and cemented itself into the lives of kids and fans alike in 1996 is returning again for it’s 20 year anniversary and we couldn’t be happier. To make the news even more sweet, a collection of apparel will be releasing alongside the shoes which you can deck yourself out with and parade around the streets as a walking nostalgia machine.

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam. Source.

The Nike Air Jordan 11 ‘Space Jam’ is one of the most sought after releases of one of the most popular retro Jordan silhouettes. It sports a very modern look for a shoe that is over 20 years old, while still being able to be played in and keep up with the modern basketball shoes such as the newer Jordan brand shoes and Lebron James’ signature line of shoes.

Want to know more about the Jordan Brand’s famous shoes? Check out the complete history here.

The reason for this shoe’s insane popularity and adoration is because Michael Jordan wore this shoe in the amazing movie Space Jam, in which he helps Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Loony Toons to win back their freedom.

Nostalgia trip.

From being worn in a classic childhood film of our generation to being used by one of the most popular sports stars, these shoes are constructed using black patent leather that shines wonderfully, a clear sole and blue accents as well as the legend that states that there was only 5 pairs of the original shoe made: what is more to love about this amazing shoe?

Can’t wait for the new pair? You can pick up the 2009 release of the Space Jam’s for a cool $600+ USD.

While not directly relating to Jordans but sneakers as a whole, in an interview with my hero Henry Rollins, he brought up the reason as to why sneakers are so important in culture and life and this can be directly translated to the release of the ‘Space Jams‘. Rollins quoted as saying

“They are an identifier. It is a visual language that lets others know that you know. In a way, it’s like urban code. Vans were part of an alternative culture, or cultures, defining themselves, peeling off from the mainstream. A long time ago, on the East Coast, you would see someone in Vans and you could talk to them because you knew they knew. It’s like when you saw someone in a Ramones T-shirt. They spoke your language.” Source.

Henry Rollins. Source.

The Jordan 11 is so beloved by sneaker collectors and fans alike that when another colour of the shoe, the ‘Gamma Blue’ came out in 2011 there where riots at Footlocker stores in America, looting and robberies. These are some shoes.

Riots over Gamma Blues. Source





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