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Cursed Earth Release New EP and Remastered Discography

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The spectacular hardcore band hailing from Perth, Cursed Earth, just released a new 7 inch EP (extended play) which boasts two extremely fast, hard hitting tracks that are sure to get the blood pumping and the anger flowing.

Cursed Earth. Source

Enslaved by the Insignificant, which released on Jan 29th through Deaths Grip Records in Australia and Holy Roar worldwide, gives new and old fans alike the option to purchase the record on flexi vinyl, which comes in a variety of colours, or to download the songs online. Taking it one step further, the band included their whole discography with the digital download, which have been remastered and remixed. For $8 you get every song this amazing band has ever produced. Does it get any better than that? You can download Enslaved by the Insignificant here.

Cursed Earth are bringing their own style and flair to Australian hardcore and metal and are doing it in some of the best ways possible. Through intense vocals that erupt over the blasting drums and vicious guitars, rife with breakdowns that will leave you hammering the play button.

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Support Australian music as much as possible and make it so bands like Cursed Earth can continue to produce amazing tunes for everyone. Some other Australian bands that you should check out are Time CrisisJustice For The Damned and IDYLLS

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