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How Kanye West Changed the Fashion World in 2015

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Jedi or high fashion? You choose.

Withholding your own opinions on his status in popular culture throughout the years, Kanye West has taken the fashion world by storm though his clothing line that, although in its infancy, seems to have ruled 2015. This is especially true for his sneaker releases which have sent the sneaker community into a frenzy. Now, these sneakers that came out are not ones that you can just stroll into any store and pick up off the shelf-as much as the sneaker head community can hope for. Just take a look at this previous release by Kanye.

The nine pairs of shoes that were released last year had some customers waiting outside in either the freezing cold or the blistering sun for up to a week before launch day to secure their prized pair. There were break in’s at some stores, fights starting, raffles that were seemed to be ‘fixed’… like Sydney’s own brand of espionage, which left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths from the local area. 

Yeezy Boost 750 on feet. Source

Three models were released: the 350, 750 and 950 with varying colour schemes. With this came some mixed reactions to Kanye’s somewhat ‘imaginative’ design choices- such as a moving towards a more mature, higher fashion look, hell even including a duck boot. These reactions can be seen in the insane resell prices for these shoes and depending on the model and the colour, you could be looking at paying up to five times the retail price for a pair of Yeezy 350 boosts. Even through the insanely high price of entry for Kanye’s fashion collection, stores were able to sell out of most of the collection in the first day, or the coming weeks which is a good sign for Kanye in the future. With Kanye wearing his clothes in public, as well as the family in laws and other celebs like the Weeknd there is on doubt the celebrity endorsement will help his brand.

Yeezy Season 1. Source

People are fixed to Adidas’ and Kanye’s Instagram and Twitter feeds looking for their next fix of streetwear.