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Grace is currently studying journalism and history at UOW but would really excel if there was a degree in reality tv. It's not hard to get her worked up but play any song with a good horn section and she'll calm right down.

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Election Day? More like Democracy Sausage Day

Let's face it, the threat of being fined for not voting isn't what will drag our hungover arses down to the polling booths tomorrow morning: we'll be there for the legendary democracy sausages. The Co

August 29, 2016


Grace Stranger

5 Local Artists You Need to Hear

There's definitely something in the water in the Illawarra, and it isn't just the run off from the steelworks. With music venues such as the UniBar and Rad Bar and Café bringing major acts like Art v

July 15, 2016


Grace Stranger

80 Dead in Bastille Day Attack

Content Warning: graphic images Terrifying scenes from Nice, France hit screens across the world this morning as reports emerge of a suspected terrorist attack during Bastille Day celebrations. At l

September 06, 2016


Grace Stranger

5 Free Chrome Plugins You Didn't Know You Needed

My, have we come a long way since the days of Internet Explorer (unless you're a university lecturer in which case you probably still use it just to torture the students trying not to scream at your i