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I am anarchic, chaotic, disillusioned. Some may say crazy. But I'd never trade it for anything else.

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Are We Funding Religious Propaganda?

The first time time I can recall being completely aware of the Church of Scientology was when South Park annihilated Tom Cruise, John Travolta, R. Kelly and the founders of the Church in the now infa

June 23, 2016


Rob Brady

Screw Conventional Politics!

You have to admire politicians who will fight for what they believe in, regardless of ideology, to enact change. In late December 2012, the world mourned as we learnt of yet another mass shooting th

July 21, 2016


Rob Brady

Gay Marriage Plebiscite Pushed Back - Remember This is Politics

The election is over now, so we can get back to the business of running around, and debating what we should do, rather than what we can do! But we will still see politicians sniping at each other, blo