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Hi I'm Olivia, one of the main creators of CHATTR. I handle the graphic design, PR and keep members of the team from eating one another.

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Olivia Harris

Ubisoft Steps Up With Watch Dogs 2

After the completely underwhelming release of the first game, Ubisoft is back trying to revive the Watch Dogs franchise. With a whole new setting, characters, protagonist and villain it's easy to see

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Jayden Perry

SideQuest: Gangbeasts

Alex, Jayden, Olivia and Riley headbutt, kick and throw each other as we jump straight into Gang Beasts. With tough controls and crazy physics the game pits friends against one another in a colourful

March 31, 2016


Alex Dickson

Krakajak: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to the krakajak Podcast, where serious discussions are thrown out the window and replaced with…. Something else. This week, Join Alex, Jake, Keiden and Riley, as they look at the effects the

April 14, 2016

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Staff Videos: What Harry Potter house would you be in?

Harry Potter fans! This week the Chattr team talk about their favourite Harry Potter house. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Which would you choose?

April 24, 2016


Jayden Perry

SideQuest: Rocket League

Alex, Jayden, Olivia and Scott take each other on in Rocket League, a high octane game of car soccer. Competing for that coveted top spot and bragging rights, it'll take more than just top notch ball