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Bernadette Clarke is a positive individual who grew up in the Jervis Bay area where her love for the water and environment blossomed. With a passion for human rights she has gone to India twice with the 40K foundation and soon a third, in a leadership role. Studying International studies and Journalism she hopes to one day become a foreign correspondent.

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Bernie Clarke

Alarming Coral Bleaching Damaging Our Great Barrier Reef

Surely you have heard of climate change by now, right? We're no longer debating if it's real or not since there is physical proof to show us climate change is already affecting us. So then, the real

April 07, 2016


Bernie Clarke

The Vengaboys Will Be Back in Town (And Our Hearts)

The head bopping, foot tapping and oh so fun music of the Vengaboys will soon be stuck in our heads once again. The Dutch 'euro-dance' band will be touring Australia! It all kicks off this October thr

April 27, 2016


Bernie Clarke

Dramatic Changes to Wattamolla: Good or Bad?

  The beloved Wattamolla, staple of any trip to the Royal National Park, is now subject to huge changes. The home to a cove, lagoon, waterfall and beach is a popular sanctuary attracting over 3

July 31, 2016


Bernie Clarke

Attacker in Brutal UOW Fight Sentenced to Six Months Jail

An unexpected attack at the University of Wollongong has been followed with the sentencing of a UOW international student to six months in jail. The student, Haopo Yang, 22, who is from China was cau

June 23, 2016


Bernie Clarke

Think Twice Before Shaming Muslims

Before we get started here, I would like to note that I believe everyone has the right to express their own thoughts within reason. We all have the freedom of speech. So, as you hold your own opinion

June 09, 2016


Bernie Clarke

The Greens Latest Policy to Support Artists with a 'Living Wage'

Whether you are a Greens supporter or not, their latest policy is still intriguing. It's highly contrary to the Liberal Government’s idea of cutting funds to the arts, and works in the completely o

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Chattr Vox Pop: What Do You Spend Your Money On?

When the bank account reaches an all time low but at least you've got a full belly 😄 The Chattr team ask students what they spend all their money on 💰 What causes your money to dwindle? Co

April 16, 2016


Keiden Cheung

Chattr Shorts: "Old" Friends

You know you’re getting on when it sucks to be the oldest one in the squad. Check out this week's Chattr short “old" friends.