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Elly is one of our sub-editors, contributors and presenters of the Chattr team. She is currently undertaking a Journalism/Politics/French degree at University and has a thirst for knowledge. Her passions include music and dance, and also enjoys politics, human rights and foreign cultures. She also has a love of travel, already visiting 17 countries!

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Hot Topic: Bang, Marry, Kill

The Chattr team sweat it out to choose to bang, marry or kill the three biggest mistakes. Trump, Abbott or Rinehart. Which would you choose?

April 04, 2016


Jake Pascoe

Chattr Vox Pops: What's Overrated

When everyone's eating Nutella cronuts and you just don't understand the goodness of it all. The Chattr team set out to ask what you think is overrated Comment and let us know what you guys thin

February 24, 2016


Elly Manoe

Chattr Vox Pops: Is Marriage Worth It

Marriage is known as the ultimate declaration of love, but in today's society how relevant is it? The Chattr team head out to Sydney city to find out what you guys think. Comment below to tell u