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A fringe dwelling, pop culture punk with a passion for music, film, tech, and TV. When I’m not writing I’m either reading graphic novels, creating sounds, or gleefully watching dogs from a distance

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Attention Scruffy Nerf Herders: You Can Now Own an Ewok (kind of)

Despite being furry scavengers, and unwittingly helping the destruction of the empire, Ewoks are some of the cutest things to come out of film lore. Nawwwwwww. source Up there with Gizmo,

January 09, 2016


Tyler Heycott

The 6 Most Underrated Shows of 2015

With rising support from big name directors and actors, television has become the new vanguard for silver screen praise. Whether it be for the serial format allowing a more expansive story and set of

June 01, 2016


Tyler Heycott

Review: Oneohtrix Point Never at Vivid Live

While Vivid is now fairly well known for its crowd drawing spectacle, it has become more of an overstuffed family friendly claustrofest in recent years. Braving not only the cold but also the immens

May 03, 2017


Tyler Heycott

Product Review: Optus Offers Even More With Xtra

With everyone becoming more and more reliant on their smartphones, data is getting easier to chew through at the speed of light, and it's not long before we're sticking our hands in our threadbare wa

July 03, 2016


Tyler Heycott

Thank You, Canada

While still overshadowed by its noisier neighbours, Canada has given us a lot of great things over the years (besides Ice Hockey and Maple Syrup). July 1st was International Canada Day, so we decided

April 06, 2016


Tyler Heycott

5 Spots In Tokyo for First Timers

Tokyo is massive. It is a bustling metropolis, catering to over 13 million locals with its various sectors of niche interests and curiosities. While in TV and movies it may look like all its districts

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Staff Videos: What Harry Potter house would you be in?

Harry Potter fans! This week the Chattr team talk about their favourite Harry Potter house. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Which would you choose?