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Writer and content creator who talks mostly about esports, games and pop culture. You'll find me making game videos for Chattr's Sidequest & talking about Batman vs Superman on Twitter @_JaydenPerry

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Plenty of Harley and Joker in the New Suicide Squad Trailer

It's a good day to be a DC fan. During the MTV Movie Awards a new trailer for Suicide Squad was shown, giving us our best look at the rag-tag crew of villains so far. While it doesn't have quite the

April 08, 2016


Jayden Perry

Understanding Esports: What Are Esports?

October 19, 2014, Seoul World Cup Stadium, Korea. Forty-five thousand fans cram into the stadium, while a total of 27 million people viewed the event online, streamed through 40 different broadcasters

April 09, 2016


Jayden Perry

Understanding Esports: The Problems Facing Australian Esports

While we do have quite a lot of people interested in esports in Australia, we’ve unfortunately seen no such organisation to rival or emulate what KeSPA did for Korea fifteen years ago. Even countrie

April 18, 2016


Jayden Perry

The Best Games for People Who Don't Play Games

Not everyone likes games. Even so, that doesn’t mean anyone should be without a variety of gaming options for something a bit different every once in a while. Whether you want something to pass the

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Jayden Perry

SideQuest: Gangbeasts

Alex, Jayden, Olivia and Riley headbutt, kick and throw each other as we jump straight into Gang Beasts. With tough controls and crazy physics the game pits friends against one another in a colourful

May 01, 2016



Krakajak: The One Where Alex Went Missing

This week, join Jayden, Keiden and Riley, as they talk about the monthly humble bundle game collections and their guilty pleasure TV shows.

April 24, 2016


Jayden Perry

SideQuest: Rocket League

Alex, Jayden, Olivia and Scott take each other on in Rocket League, a high octane game of car soccer. Competing for that coveted top spot and bragging rights, it'll take more than just top notch ball