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My name is Alex and the way to my heart is through pickles, cats and fedoras.


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He Sips on Tea and I Down a Bevvy: An Interview with Hein Cooper

“People have written me messages saying this is the song they are going to get married to or have gotten married to…and that is really cool.” Hein Cooper began his musical expedition at 14 on a

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Surround Sound: Safia

This week Surround Sound met up with SAFIA before their Wollongong gig to discuss their hottest 100 wins and vomiting on stage. The interview resulted in someone devouring one of Australia’s favour

March 17, 2016

Surround Sound

Alex Stefanovic

Surround Sound: ALLDAY

ALLDAY dropped in for an interview as he came to the end of his 2016 "University Boy" tour. He shared stories of bumping into A$AP Rocky, the meaning behind that nickname "Chubby Boy" and the craziest

March 07, 2016


Alex Stefanovic

Chattr Vox Pops: What Has Changed Since You Were A Kid

How has the world changed since you were a child? The Chattr team head out to Sydney city to find out how the world has changed for you guys. Maybe it's the boom of social media or the fact it i

February 07, 2016

Surround Sound

Alex Stefanovic

Surround Sound: The Stiffys

Melbourne band The Stiffys bring drinks and a show, in this special edition of Surround Sound, the boys wowed the girls with shoeies, sculled passion pop and revealed the delights of being in a band.

February 05, 2016

Surround Sound

Jake Pascoe

Surround Sound: Castles

The Surround Sound girls spoke with the crew from Castles, a Sydney based metal band about their latest Ep 'Will I Die Alone'. The guys discussed the changes and development of their sound and what it

January 28, 2016

Surround Sound

Alex Stefanovic

Surround Sound: Daniel Tomalaris

Poetic, honest and addictive is what Daniel Daniel Tomalaris' music has been described as. The musician spent the arvo with Surround Sound and spoke about his latest EP 'The Den is Deep' as well as th