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21. Football and basketball fanatic. Lover of deep house. Kit Kats are my weakness.

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Sally Krajacic

Chattr Vox Pops: iPhones

Have you been asking Siri how to hide a dead body? We'd recommend you ditch your phone on the ASAP. The Chattr team ask what you guys think about the FBI wanting access to all of the data on our iP

March 04, 2016


Peter Prandalos

Chattr Vox Pops: Leonardo Dicaprio

He's finally done it! The babe'n Leonardo DiCaprio has taken home his first Oscar award! Do you think it was long-awaited and well-deserved or do you not see the Leo magic? Check out this

May 02, 2016



Vox Pops: Kan-yay or Kan-nay

Is it easy being Yeezy? The Chattr team talk to students from the University of Wollongong to find out what they think of Kanye. Comment below to let us know what you think of him!