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Jessica studies journalism & communication and media majoring in global media. She has wanted to be a journalist since she could read & write. Fun fact: Jessica used to make a magazine called J-mag when she was 5 years old & sell it to her family for 50c. Ever since, she's wanted to work in editorial.

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Jessica Olson

Sexpo: The Closest Thing to Amsterdam in Sydney

On a scale of 1 - extremely sexually adventurous I’d say I’m probably as out there as a thirteen-year-old who still giggles while reading Dolly Doctor. So, when you have a media pass for Sexpo, an

April 11, 2016


Jessica Olson

Boys will be boys

When I was 13 a boy told me I was ugly. He said I needed to lose weight if I was ever going to be pretty. He told me to buy a treadmill, to which I replied I already had one. So he proceeded to chuckl

May 13, 2016


Jessica Olson

The Patient Who Cried Cancer

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, is one of Aesop’s Fables derived the English idiom "to cry wolf", defined as "to give a false alarm" in Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. The story basically concerns

April 04, 2016


Jessica Olson

The Pepsi Dumbbells You Didn't Even Know You Needed

We all have that one stupid friend (or maybe you’re that stupid friend - if so, I’m about to pay you out, so you may want to exit the article) who orders a Diet Coke trying to be ‘healthy’. Y

April 11, 2016


Jessica Olson

Married at First Site Episode 3 Recap: The Honeymoon Ordeal

Tonight’s episode began with the morning after the wedding. We begin with Clare and the Fitzy lookalike Jono, who wake up side by side, ‘one-night stand’ fashion in a messy hotel room. Apparentl

March 30, 2016


Jessica Olson

Eight Issues WAY TOO REAL for Retail Workers

There comes a time in life where we all have to bite the bullet and work a lame job that pays the bills while we go through university, school, TAFE, etc. For many of us, we start in fast food (McDona

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Sarah Frazer

Staff Video: Why You Swipe Right On Tinder

Have you missed some great catches by swiping left? We've got the tips to help you find the one. The staff at Chattr sit down to tell you guys what makes them swipe right. Got some must-haves of

March 05, 2016

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Trent Thomas

Staff Video: What Makes A Good Relationship

What makes a good relationship? Are you into the same sarcastic humour or a box of Krispy Kremes and a good movie? Here’s some completely unprofessional but definitely useful advice from the Chat

April 07, 2016

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Hot Topic: Bang, Marry, Kill

The Chattr team sweat it out to choose to bang, marry or kill the three biggest mistakes. Trump, Abbott or Rinehart. Which would you choose?

March 21, 2016

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Jake Pascoe

Staff Video: How To Take A Good Selfie

Wondering how to get that perfect angle and lighting? The Chattr team fills you in on the tips and tricks of creating a 100+ like selfie. Got some tricks of your own? Comment below and let us kn

March 25, 2016

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Amy Fairall

Staff Video: Why Do You Cry

Cry everytime you watch the Titanic or do you have a heart of steel? Boys and girls from the Chattr team explain what things get their eyes welling. Comment below and tell us, what makes you cry

July 10, 2016


Sally Krajacic

Vox Pop: Does Height Matter?

Are you freakishly tall or the shortest person in the room? The Chattr team head out to ask students whether height actually matters! Let us know in the comments what you think about a persons h