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Julia is an avid shoe hoarder and lemon gelato enthusiast. She is currently studying a combined degree of Law and Business at the University of Technology, Sydney and likes the colour blue. She cannot decide whether she is a cat or a dog person, claiming that it depends on which pet was nicer to her that day.

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Julia Racheha

My Heart is Covered in Burns

After 27 seasons, Waylon Smithers finally admits that his “heart is covered in burns.” That's right, Smithers is gay. source The episode where Smithers breaks the news sees Smithers come ou

May 24, 2016


Julia Racheha

Ugliest Building in Sydney Has Mid-Life Crisis - Goes Under the Knife

It is accepted that if you want to catch a glimpse of Sydney at its best, you should climb to the top of the UTS tower. This is because: You cannot see the tower, and, You cannot see the towe

April 15, 2016


Julia Racheha

The “P” Word - It’s About Time We Talked About Privilege

The word isn’t personal and it isn’t a term about us as individuals. It’s a word about context, and about who we are and where we come from. It isn’t bad nor offensive. It’s about appreciat

April 13, 2016


Julia Racheha

Do Feminists Always Have to Vote for Other Women?

As a twelve-year-old feminist my dream was to be Australia’s first female Prime Minister. It was noble, I thought. By fourteen this dream had been shattered, along with any hope of being the first

May 09, 2016


Julia Racheha

But Isn't it Always Hot in Oz?

Here on planet Earth, we're a competitive bunch and we like to break records. Winning is everything. In February in Australia, we successfully broke the record for the country's hottest month. And

May 08, 2016


Julia Racheha

Ready, Set: Vote

Voting is a crucial part of our democracy. Yet almost 1 in 5 of Australia’s youth are not enrolled to vote and over a million Australians are expected to not take their place at the ballots this ye