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Mitch Churi

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Struggling Actor, Part time radio presenter, casual checkout chick and full time poll dancer.

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Jake Pascoe

Staff Video: How To Take A Good Selfie

Wondering how to get that perfect angle and lighting? The Chattr team fills you in on the tips and tricks of creating a 100+ like selfie. Got some tricks of your own? Comment below and let us kn

May 05, 2016

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Staff Video: Adult Things You Can't Do.

When you're an adult you are expected to do adulty things 🙅 The Chattr team sit down to discuss the things that they still don't know how to do. Comment below and let us know the skills you'r

April 30, 2016


Keiden Cheung

Chattr Shorts: People You Kinda Know

That awkward moment when you lock eyes with someone who looks familiar 👀 Is this how it plays out for you guys? Comment below!

June 19, 2016

Staff Videos


Staff Video: Childhood Fads

Prepare for some hardcore nostalgia as we recall the best gimmics, gadgets and games of your childhood. What was your favourite childhood fad?