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'Stranger Things'; 13-year-old star faces criticism for wearing "shapeless" dress

Stranger Things star, 13-year-old Millie Bobbie Brown, made Insider's "worst dressed list" following the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Brown, who plays Eleven on the Netflix hit, was described by Inside

May 19, 2017


Claire Farquhar

Avril Lavigne Clone Debate is the Best Damn Thing on Twitter

A conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne was killed in 2003 and was replaced by a lookalike is circulating the internet (Twitter in particular)- again. Rumour has it that Melissa Vandella replaced the C

June 03, 2017


Claire Farquhar

"Voldemort - Origins of the Heir": Harry Potter Fan-Made Film

Voldemort- Origins of the Heir is a fan-made film which explores the backstory of Lord Voldemort, the sinister antagonist of the Harry Potter series. The film is being produced by Tryangle, an indep

May 10, 2017


Claire Farquhar

Childless Women Still Facing Discrimination

Childless women are still seen as somewhat "unnatural" in contemporary society, despite a growing number of women opting to remain child-free. As little girls, we are given baby dolls for Christma

August 14, 2017


Claire Farquhar

FaceApp removes Ethnic Filters after Backlash

FaceApp has removed several 'ethnicity filters' after a social media backlash. The app, which launched last year, uses face filter technology, allowing its users to see what they might look like if t

April 25, 2017


Claire Farquhar

Sherlock's 'Jacketgate' Meltdown Mocked at Logies

Kat Stewart and Peter Helliar donned matching fuchsia outfits at the 2017 Logie Awards to mock Amber Sherlock's 'jacketgate' meltdown from January this year. The incident involved Amber Sherlock's