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The Power of Moving Pictures: 3 Vids From this Week that You Have to Check Out
Videos are increasingly becoming the most effective and efficient way to communicate important messages to an extended group of people. Especially with the help of social media, videos are being shared at incredible speeds and with an almost infinite viewership on a daily basis. So, here are some videos of the last week that have got an important message you should be hearing, seeing and sharing with your friends. 1.…
Reality Bites: 7/09/16
Take a seat and put your feet up because it’s been one wild news week 💥💥 This episode we chat about: -Jacqui Lambie and Cory Bernardi -Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico -The Tromp family -The final of the Bachelor -The new Kanye mural in Melbs -A teen who ditched her car over a spider
Reality Bites: 1/09/16
Take a seat and put your feet up because it’s been one wild news week 💥💥 This episode we chat about Yeezy and T-Swizzle, the plebiscite, Australian survivor, Malcom Turnbull’s fake twitter followers and so much more.
Reality Bites: 25/08/16
It’s time for a quick catch up on everything you’ve missed this week! This week we talk about: – Animals being promoted – Mike Baird fracturing his back – Woman attacked by a wombat – Game of Thrones news – Salim Mehajer’s abusive messages – Olympic news – Naked Trump – And More!!
Science Unscrambled: Hangovers
We’ve all woken up after a night out feeling like we’re about to die and full of regrets Join us as we unscramble to science of hangovers! Got something sciency you don’t understand but kinda wanna? Comment below so we can unscramble it for you!
Reality Bites: 18/08/16
Check out Reality Bites for all the stuff you’ve missed this week.   We take a look at: – The latest Trump meme – The real winner of City2Surf – All the stuff worth knowing about the Olympics – What has Peter Dutton done now? – And who had the worst vacation ever?
Wing Chun to Star Wars: The Best of Donnie Yen
Where to begin with Donnie Yen? Wushu Tournament Champion, Hong Kong’s #1 action star, the tenth highest earning actor in Asia and number six on IMDb’s Top 100 Martial Artists of the Century. Thanks to films like Flashpoint, Killzone S.P.L and the hit Ip Man, Yen is now one of the martial arts industry’s fastest rising stars. With news of his roles in the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage,…
Reality Bites: 11/08/16
We’re all getting flooded with work now that uni is back in action, so make sure you catch up on all the news you missed this week! This week in Reality Bites: Arthur memes, The Olympics goon of fortune, Mack Horton, Snoop Dogg cooking shows, Kim Kardashian, the Australian Census fail and much more!