December 23, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Girls to the Front: Women Dominate Lizzie's Hottest 100 List

Summer in Australia means many things: holidays, the unbearable overplaying of Christmas carols, and reminiscing over music of the year to vote in triple j's Hottest 100. Sitting in the lounge room,

November 14, 2017


Tracy Bustamante

Finally! Animal Crossing Is On Your Phone!

Your favourite game from your childhood is now available on your smartphone! Released late October for iOS and Android devices, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is everything you wanted and more in a po

November 09, 2017


Brylie Harris

Just one more cup: the exciting future for coffee lovers

We love our coffee, it's true. In fact, almost half of the Australian population consume at least one cup of the beverage every day. So, for the half of you reading this that, like me, are completel

October 01, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Spilt Milk 2017 To Provide Free Pill Testing

The Canberra Government has finally jumped on board the bid to provide free pill testing at music festivals, approving a trial at this year's Spilt Milk Festival on November 25. There has been mont

September 25, 2017


Kyle Chapman

'Watchmen' TV Adaption Taking Off at HBO

This has been a big year for DC Comics. Just look at how far it has come: the Rebirth comics reboot has been gaining popularity; the Wonder Woman film was released to critical acclaim; the adaptio

September 13, 2017


Alec Higginson

Apple Announce Three New iPhones

Apple’s yearly iPhone unveiling event has become a bigger hype train with every passing year. Like Easter at Coles, the leaks, speculation and updates begin early as people try to figure out what th

September 05, 2017


Lachlan Maddock

World Wide White: the online growth of white supremacists

Content note: this story contains discussions of hate speech and racial vilification New Orleans, April 27, 1981: eight men are arrested as they try to board a charter boat loaded with guns, explosiv

August 31, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Unpacking T-Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do"

Taylor Swift has finally dropped some new music after a long-awaited three years, even though it feels like only yesterday that my ears were subjected to the constant repetition of Bad Blood on every

August 21, 2017


Kyle Chapman

X-Men Phoenix: Days Of Failed Adaptions Past?

Recently we have seen news stories have emerged on warfare, politics and science, but no-one has been quite as overwhelmed with news as Marvel movie fans. Last month, it was announced that Josh Brol

August 13, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Tim Minchin's Brilliant Response to the SSM Postal Vote

Tim Minchin has had a brilliant response to the government's recent decision to spend upwards of $120 million on a non-compulsory, non-binding postal vote on same-sex marriage. The debate of marriage

July 22, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Yummy Mummies Recap: Episode 4

Just ten days after the Yummy Mummies graced our screens for the first time, the fourth episode has shown a rapid decline in viewership, dropping by 41% since its premiere. I have to admit that even

June 17, 2017


Lizzie Jack

A Reason to Watch Sport: The Killers to Play AFL Grand Final

If men running around in short shorts isn't enough to entice you into watching football, indie rockers The Killers have just announced they will be performing at the AFL Grand Final on September 30.