January 27, 2017


Nicola Dowse

Google Translate Now Converts Japanese Text to English

If you've ever studied a language or been to a non-English speaking country, Google Translate has probably saved your hide more than once. Since launching more than a decade ago, the language translat

December 04, 2016


Courtney Allan

Japanese Domino's Are Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza

Reindeer are usually known for pulling Santa's sleigh, but Domino's Pizza stores in the icy north of Japan have a different use for them - pizza delivery. Due to some unusually cold winter temperature

November 22, 2016


Nicola Dowse

Ticks Now Causing Meat Allergies Because Life is Unfair

Ticks on Australia's eastern seaboard are thought to be causing a rapid rise in  Mammalian Meat Allergies (MMA). Because apparently there aren't enough deadly species in Australia already. Although

November 19, 2016


Katie Berton

5 Things To Do In Sydney This Summer

Jamberoo When: Daily 10am-5pm Where: 1215 Jamberoo Road, Jamberoo Cost: $55 (All Day Entry) or $115 (Season Pass) Source The summer months are almost upon us and if these last few

November 15, 2016


Courtney Allan

Nutella Burgers Are Here And OMG

McDonalds has finally heard the cries of Nutella (and burger) lovers everywhere. With the introduction of the "Sweety Con Nutella" in McDonald's Italy, people can now get a thick slab of the delicious

November 07, 2016


Nicola Dowse

Get Set For Summer With Hawkers

Let me start by saying – I am the fussiest person when it comes to sunglasses. For most of my childhood I outright refused to wear them, certain that they made me look like a flesh-toned praying man

November 04, 2016


Matt Keats

2 Aussie Blokes Pranked North Korea And Got Away With It

Aussie blokes are becoming pretty well known for their wildly hilarious, but often stupid antics, especially surrounding sport. We've had race car drivers doing "Shoeys" on the podium, and a group of

November 03, 2016


Fergus Halliday

Sydney's Public Transport Is Set To Worsen

The NSW Government announced yesterday its ambitions to take Sydney-siders into the world of tomorrow by lowering the bar on the state's public transport system even further. "Real" footage of t

October 18, 2016


Amy Fairall

Great Barrier Reef Not Actually Dead

There seems to have been a little bit of worldwide confusion this week over whether one of our greatest world treasures, has recently turned into the world's biggest coral grave. The Great Barrier Re

October 04, 2016


Courtney Allan

Coffee in an Ice-Cream Cone? What?!

Coffee in a cone might sound unusual to some, but to Dayne Levinrad, it sounded like the best idea ever. While working as a barista in Johannesburg, South Africa, he figured that coffee, ice cream c

September 19, 2016


Bernie Clarke

Social Enterprise 40K Globe To Receive $250, 000 Grant

Social enterprise 40K Globe, well-known at the University of Wollongong for offering student internships in rural India, has recently announced it will receive a $250,000 grant from Australian technol

September 17, 2016


Courtney Allan

3 Tips to Commute like a Boss

'Commuting is the worst' - every commuter ever. Commuting is something that millions of people do everyday, everywhere.  We all just cop it on the chin, never really talking about how draining and m