October 12, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Tindstagram: Courtship or Creepy?

It's no shock to anyone that the under 25 age bracket loves to use online platforms for a chance at love. We've got Tinder, Grinder, Bumble and even J-Swipe: a Tinder for Jewish people. Living in an

October 08, 2017


Kris Christou

Aussie Icons come together for SSM concert YesFest

YesFest is an event that all of Australia should get behind. Some of Australia’s most iconic musicians, bands and celebrities are coming together for an outdoor music festival like no other, supp

August 20, 2017


Sofia Casanova

Lioness vibrator: a smart way to explore yourself

If you thought sex toys couldn't be innovative, you were certainly mistaken. Lioness is a smart vibrator that will help you get in tune with your body. Its design is not only to assist women in findi

May 12, 2017


Tom Opie

Why Do We Enjoy Reality TV?

Whether you’re an engineer, a CEO of a million-dollar business, a tradesman or someone who is a slave of the hospitality machine, we’re all attracted to reality TV. Maybe because life is so diffic

May 10, 2017


Claire Farquhar

Childless Women Still Facing Discrimination

Childless women are still seen as somewhat "unnatural" in contemporary society, despite a growing number of women opting to remain child-free. As little girls, we are given baby dolls for Christma

April 13, 2017


Claudia Poposki

Facebook is In the Fight Against 'Revenge Porn'

Revenge porn is not a new concept. People have broken up and threatened to sell the sex tape created during the relationship for years. Former Spice Girl Mel B is going through that right now. She h

March 23, 2017


Claudia Poposki

Study Suggests Pill Can Protect From Some Cancers

A study conducted at the University of Aberdeen suggests that the pill may protect women from certain types of cancers including: bowel, endometrial or ovarian cancer. The study found that women who

February 23, 2017


Sofia Casanova

Sexual Intimacy in VR is Closer than You Think

2017 is set to see the further development of VR as a sexually-charged experience. Porn has been with us every step of the way in regards to technology. With a growing interest in VR, it's no surpris

February 10, 2017


Nizza Munoz

New Male Contraceptive Looks Promising

For years women around the world have been popping pills, jabbing their arms and using other conventional methods in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. With a new male contraceptive in the pipelin

February 07, 2017


Sofia Casanova

We Can Finally Turn Off Period Pain?

Us ladies all know the pain that comes with menstruation, almost to the point where we dread the monthly ritual. For some of us, pain relievers and oral contraception simply don’t work and it is inc

February 02, 2017


Nicola Dowse

Anti-Rape Tech Is Well Meaning But Misses the Point

Recently you might have seen a video circulating Facebook about “anti-rape underwear ”. The video, originally from the underwear’s manufacturer AR Wear, is not new. In fact this video has been

January 30, 2017


Courtney Allan

3 Dating Apps That Aren't Tinder

Tinder is one of those things that everyone has, but are a tiny bit ashamed of. Although Tinder has made some great strides forward (like including further gender options), admittedly it's not the bes