December 22, 2016


Nicola Dowse

Murder and Mail Kimp: Julie Snyder Talks Serial At Bingefest

I have an admission to make: I went Julie Snyder’s talk on Serial having only listened to two episodes. My bad. Source Granted, I was among the very few in the crowd who weren’t major fans –

May 08, 2016


Tyler Heycott

From Z Grade to A Grade: The Best Bad Movie Reviewers

Despite all best intentions, there are plenty of movies that are just plain rubbish. Whether it be through hammy acting, cheesy screenplays, or issues with any of the many things that go into making a

March 31, 2016


Alex Dickson

Krakajak: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to the krakajak Podcast, where serious discussions are thrown out the window and replaced with…. Something else. This week, Join Alex, Jake, Keiden and Riley, as they look at the effects the